Making Make with Kelly Yap

Making Make, a design platform led by Hans Tan at the NUS Division of Industrial Design, explores the artisanal charm of a handcrafted product and the beauty of its making process. Kelly Yap was one of the fourteen students tasked to create instruments to aid a small batch production of artisanal products; products with qualities otherwise unthinkable with mass production techniques.

We caught up with Kelly to find out more about her design: “Crumple is a collection of vessels, each created from a single sheet of metal. The crumpling instrument creates natural bends and folds impossible to duplicate manually or by any other manufacturing technique. The metal sheet is prepared prior to the crumpling by drilling holes around its perimeter. Each hole is enforced with a metal eyelet of which a nylon string is weaved through, then knotted. When the string is pulled in quick successions through an apparatus repurposed from a stool, the edges of the metal sheet deform and warp. The resulting vessels fully capture the dynamic motion of their conception.”

The Making Make products are available for purchase online at Haystakt. Check it out!



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