Willow, Sofia, Eva by Afzal Imram

We picked Afzal Imran from a line-up of NUS Industrial Design graduates. His furniture collection is made up of a chair, Willow, a cabinet, Sofia, and a light, Eva.

“My collection is a result of an investigation into connections in furniture and inspired by various elements of fashion. It aims to illustrate the notion of instinctive and familiar experiences of interaction with furniture, whilst evoking a certain sense of sensuality and tension, through the interaction between the fabric and the structure.”

Though trained as an Industrial Designer, Imran finds it hard to categorise himself as such. “My interests go beyond Industrial Design. As a designer, I am interested in the experiences fostered through design, be it the design of an object, a service, an interface or even a brand.”

For more explorative design projects, head down to The Plaza at the National Library Building between 23 and 25 May for the NUS DID Grad Show 2014.

  • Afzal Imram

    Thank you! :)


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