Spotted! Pixie T

Up today is Pixie T, a fresh graduate from Temasek Polytechnic’s Apparel Design and Merchandising, whose FYP collection takes inspiration from Mitch Albom’s book, The Time Keeper.

Pixie: “The collection is inspired by our obsession for time keeping and how the length of time changes with each situation. Whilst waiting for something to happen, a minute can feel like ten and when dreading something, a minute feels like a split second. I created five characters and attributed habits as well as idiosyncrasies to each of them. One of them is a Breadwinner who hates his job, the other is an Undergrad from a university abroad. There is also The Catch-up – a person who is trying to make up for lost time, a Dying man who has little time left and lastly the Enlightened who knows what time is all about. In the collection, beads are used as a representation for time, filling in the organza pocket ‘timetables’ and time panels.”



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