Exhib! The Logic of Failure

Puddles in the City; New York I , 2014 – Sarah Choo Jing

Apart/Apportioned/Asunder N.2, 2014. Orchid: Vanda Miss Joaquim Douglas – Jonathan Tan

(from the press release)

Co-organised with NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media, this exhibition takes on photography as a medium of focus whereby works of the two winners of the Kwek Leng Joo Prize for Excellence in Still Photography 2013 are showcased- Sarah Choo Jing and Jonathan Tan.

The Logic of Failure is their attempt to recognize and to confront situations that are traditionally ‘rejected’ or considered ‘unsuccessful’. Both artists reflect upon contemporary examples of The Spectacle and of expectation through subject matter and medium. By manipulating and re-presenting the document/documented, both Choo and Tan seek to open up alternative ways of looking at failure and success in contemporary society.

The exhibition will run from the 12 thru 25 May at the 2902 Gallery.



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