Jamie Yeo’s Ascend Cane Tip

Jamie Yeo is just about to graduate from Industrial Design at the NUS School of Design & Environment, and she designed a system for the elderly to understand quantitatively about their walking.

“For the elderly, having to use the walking stick feels like it will lead to a deterioration of health. But that is not the case! A walking stick is meant to help increase their physical capacity. ascend is an adaptive cane tip that senses the walking information of the elderly and gives feedback in a form of an app for the elderly to show them the positive effects of using a walking stick. This data can then be shared with the physiotherapist and they can also use it to aid them to understand more of the patient’s progress and recovery.”

About Jamie: “I am often intrigued by narratives and meanings found in our relationship with objects and the environment. Through research and observations, I often gather insights that inform and build upon this constant discovery. By translating these discoveries into design, I hope to bring about delightful realisations, surprise and wonders in relationships between people, things and our environment.”

Find out more about Jamie’s design at the NUS DID Grad Show which runs from 23 through 25 May at The Plaza – National Library Building.



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