Spotted! Jonathan Tan

Jonathan Tan‘s work was unknown to us until we saw his name on The Logic of Failure exhibition poster, and boy are we happy to have stumbled across him!

In  Constructing Orchids (first two images) Jonathan uses Blu-tack and safety pins to create an assemblage of artificial beauty within the confounds of the studio. Vectors of Power and Specters of Control (last two images) navigates the mirroring relationship between the constant redevelopment of the landscape and the hybridization of orchids in search of new species.

Here are some facts about Jonathan which we found in the about section on his website: “Jonathan Tan (b.1988, Singapore) is a visual artist who works primarily in photography, video and sculpture. His works examine the legitimisations of symbolic objects in society to produce alternative ways of looking and to reveal the meditations of our gaze. He left for China in 1992 only to return to Singapore in 2006. Much of his art practice is influenced by his experiences in a foreign land.

Jonathan Tan received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in photography and digital imaging at the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU. He was awarded gold for the Conceptual Narrative category in The Crowbar Award 2012 and awarded the Kwek Leng Joo Prize of Excellence in Still Photography Award 2013. He has exhibited in the 12th Pingyao International Photography Festival 2012 (China) and the International Photo Exhibition of Asia Student 2013 (Korea).”

Jonathan will be joining Sarah Choo at The Logic of Failure exhibition which opens on May 12 at 2902 Gallery.



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