The future of Independent Filmmaking

(from the press release)

A new online label for indie films, JUMPTHECUT, helps filmmakers fund, market, and distribute their films on the web. Launching today, the label is holding a call for submissions for filmmakers who are looking to raise funds online.

Our aim is to help filmmakers stay independent. To do that, we employ web technologies in ways tailored to the indie filmmaker, the DIY filmmaking process, and the indie film enthusiast.

We believe in a world where everyone can watch what they want, where creators can make what they want, and everybody has access to content tailored for them, made by passionate individuals. Make freely. Watch freely. Stay Independent.

JUMPTHECUT is an effort to bring the experience of films back to the source, in a similar fashion to what sites like Medium and Etsy have done for writing and crafts respectively. And at the same time, we would like to make sure filmmakers can stay independent sustainably.

This begins with curation. Every month, we select a batch of film projects that are to enter production and promote them in a magazine-like website. Each film lives in a self-contained online campaign page, tailored to its creative voice and potential audience, and begins to attract interest from people.

All this interest is funnelled into a campaign to raise money for the films, pledged by people interested enough to want to pay for it if it comes to fruition. If you’re making this, I will pay to see it. If enough people share that sentiment, the project goes through and the pledged funds are collected. If not, well, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Now in beta, the label is offering all of its design, editorial and crowdfunding services for free. While the beta version only helps filmmakers fund their films, JUMPTHECUT eventually hopes to distribute these films on the website as well.

Starting today, JUMPTHECUT is open to independent filmmakers who are looking to raise funds for their projects in the month of June.

Your projects can be in any stage, whether it’s pre-production, in production, or post-production. We are looking for projects that are thought provoking, emotionallyengaging, or boundary-pushing. We are accepting any project that is in the medium of video. Send all your entries to and include a short summary of your project, the funds you would like to raise, and why you have decided to make it.



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