Project Plug: Ryan Chang’s Melancholia

“Melancholia is an exploration of conveying emotions relative to 18th century Romanticism paintings, through contemporary photography. Painters like John Martin and Caspar David Friedrich had put out timeless works that conveyed awe, sorrow, apprehension and many other emotions through their respective brand of Romanticism, be it biblical stories or atmospheric landscapes.

Traditionally, Romanticism is a manifestation of the artist’s feelings and imagination, ranging from political agendas to purely of personal experiences. The Lake District in Cumbria was the stage for “Melancholia”, where personal thoughts were turned into photographs, just as how the Romantic painters William Turner and John Constable had turned theirs into paintings.

As the work began to take shape, it seemed that a sense of melancholy had unconsciously crept up into all the images. If this was truly my state of mind as a photographer, then you are indeed looking at photographic Romanticism.” – Ryan Chang.

Ryan is in his last month of Foundation Diploma (Photography) at the London College of Communication and has been confirmed to continue a BA (Hons) Photography at the same uni.



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