Project Plug: 六十六 (66) by Saifuddin Jalil

“It was more than 70 years ago when the first round was fired and the echo of fear engulfed the many male Chinese on this little island. The purge through purification by the Japanese military during the World War 2 was unjust, cruel and to say the least, inhumane. Their purpose: to exterminate any ideals of anti-Japanese among the Chinese people. Today, the sandy beach where the massacre started is all that’s left of their sorrow – buried beneath the laughter and joy of Singaporeans at the Changi Beach. We shall remember not their death but the dark chapter that came before us for we are grateful to be in the face of the breeze. Changi Beach was the site of one of the most brutal killings in Singapore history. On 20 February 1942, 66 Chinese males were lined up along the edge of the sea and shot by the Japanese military police. It was the first of the killing sites in the Sook Ching massacre.” – Saifuddin Jalil.



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