Spotted! Teoh Yi Chie aka Parka

La Casa De Les Punxes, Barcelona, Spain (July 2013)

Angkor Thom’s south entrance, Siem Reap, Cambodia (January 2014)

Purvis Street (March 2012)

Labrador Park (October 2013)

Meet the maker of these mighty fine sketches, Teoh Yi Chie aka Parka (from Parka Blogs). He is a member of the Urban Sketchers Singapore, a group of people with the sharpest observational eye that manages to nail some intensively detailed compositions during their organized sketch walks. “It’s a really fun group where like-minded people come together, visit different places in Singapore and just sketch what we see. Even though Singapore is small, there are still places to explore. With sketching, you learn to see things and places with a new perspective and sense of appreciation. I join the group for monthly sketch walks and we have even gone sketch walks in Penang, Bangkok, Spain and most recently Cambodia.”

His sketches can be seen here and if you want to get an idea what a sketch walk is like, you can view one of his many sketch walk videos. Jealous? I know I am.



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