Spotted! Yeo Tze Yang

“I rediscover the nuances of beauty in my own all too familiar home through painting in situ, spending hours on important things that pass by me in everyday life.”

Yeo Tze Yang sees beauty in Singapore life, and for his recent series he has chosen to capture serene atmospheres each with their own narrative playing quietly out in his immediate surroundings. The result is charming.

Tze Yang states: “My works are painted from observation. I make ‘self portraits’, not of myself but of the things that made me the person I am  today. They include the mundane and unremarkable places, people and things that are part of my unsensational everyday life. Despite attempts to make my work objective, the result is often the opposite: emotional and sentimental.”

Tze Yang graduated from National Junior College in 2012 with top scores in Art. His work has been exhibited at LASALLE College of the Arts, the Goodman Arts Centre and Kult Gallery.



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