Project Plug: Rex Regrets by Jerry Teo

Remember when we featured Jerry Teo‘s military illustrations? Well this time he is back on our site with his latest project, Rex Regrets.

The adventures of the dinosaur began after watching a live stream of manga artist Yuusuke Murata. After 10 drawings however, Jerry stopped. But now, after some brutal arm-twisting by his devoted following, the comic resurfaces with some really cool additions.

“By coincidence, I had the tools on hand which Murata was using in the live stream, and I was interested in trying out some of the techniques. For absolutely no reason other than the fact it looked ridiculous, the very first Rex comic of Rex regretting rock climbing was on.

Although my friends were very fond of Rex, I decided to take a break once I hit 10 pieces. This was because I started Rex for fun and had no real plans to expand on it. Also I’m not very keen on the pressure that was mounting, expectations can be very hard to manage. After a few months enough friends managed to convince me to restart the project and here we are. I feel the enduring quality of Rex is his never-say-die attitude. He fails spectacularly at many things, yet he doesn’t stop trying. I hope that’s the message everyone gets from it even though you feel truly bad for him.

I’m looking forward to bringing in the educational side of paleontology in 2014. I think kids love dinosaurs and its a great gateway to introduce science and learning into their lives. Rex too is looking forward to more regrets in the coming year.”



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