The Ang Ku Kueh Girl

“My products showcase our local heritage in a light-hearted manner and I inject food characteristics as well as local history and culture into my designs.”

Kueh Totes!  Kueh Soap!  A Kueh Folder! These are just a few designs by Wang Shijia that will leave you craving for your guilty treats and squeeze out a smile somewhere along the way.

Shijia is the founder of Ang Ku Kueh Girl, a design house featuring local designs inspired by – you guessed it – local snacks and pastry. “Ang Ku Kueh Girl is inspired by a local Chinese pastry – ang ku kueh (红龟粿); this pastry signifies good fortune and longevity. Ang Ku Kueh Girl is cute and has distinctive local characteristics, for example, she wears her slippers almost everywhere! Ang Ku Kueh Girl also likes to play traditional games like bubble-blowing, hopscotch and five stones with her brother, Ang Ku Kueh Boy and her friends like Png Kueh Girl. In addition, we have also reinterpreted Singapore’s 1980s national campaigns like the “Stop at 2 Children” and “Speak Mandarin” campaigns with Ang Ku Kueh Girl as the main character. This series is a cheeky take on our memorable 80s campaigns.”

Lavender soap …nomnomnom … just how we like it!



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