Spotted! Diana Pan

Full Thom Browne Look from SURRENDER Raffles. Styled by Diana & Yun.

Full look From OneDayInHalesLane designed by Hailey & Meiyen.

Diana Pan‘s work seems to fall somewhere between art and fashion photography, and her portfolio is a veritable feast of editorial work and product shoots. But alongside her commercial work you will also find a collection of portraits of her attractive friends. Lovely!

“Before transitioning into fashion, I had high regard for graphic design and fine arts. I chanced upon Guy Bourdin’s works during a school assignment and that is how the magic started. With Bourdin’s provocative, eccentric and sometimes sinister works, I became intrigued with the idea of fashion photography. My works are often influenced by the renaissance and baroque era because of my interest in the arts where it all happened. Many a times, my images are moody, soft and raw. I try to do this by keeping in mind the melancholy that we face in this fast paced society. I believe that human beings in general need to realize that they are masked by their emotions in order to cope with the expectations of the world. With graphic design as my secondary interest, I mix different methods of post application into my images, bringing to life the final piece of work.”

Diana holds a diploma in Fashion Communications from LASALLE. Last year she collected Silver in the Portraiture and Fashion category at the Crowbar Awards. A girl worth keeping an eye on!




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