’cause it’s Christmas with The Fingersmith Letterpress

The Fingersmith Letterpress recruited eleven artists, mostly from a close knitted group of students and recent graduates from LASALLE College of the Arts, faculty of Design Communication, to custom design their 2014 calendar. Artists include Lin Looi, Sumaya Mahadevan, Ella Zheng, Alicia Wee, Huzaifa Kamal, Raj, Kelyn Lau and Rino Aiigo. “A call-to-entry invitation posted on the Fingersmith Letterpress’s Facebook page also saw a number of talented artists coming forward which we eventually recruited Djohan Hanapi, Dawn Ang and Visual Inconsideration to complete the line-up.”

“The theme chosen was ‘Dance like no one is watching’ where each artist interpreted it their own way. The array of designs received was the underlying reason why the Fingersmith initiated this collaboration. It was a celebration of creative expression, a reminder that everyone should dance to their own tune and that life is too short to worry about what other people think. Besides, this project was a way to showcase the multitude of illustration talents on this puny island. It was a platform for people to come together to do stuff and just have fun. Only 100 pieces of calendars were letterpressed with Klaus, our 54-year-old Heidelberg Windmill, producing a tactile feel to all the designs. The calendar will be given out to artists and guests at the Fingersmith Letterpress’s private Christmas party to ring in the good tidings.”

One piece will be up for grabs early December, so keep your eyes on our Facebook page.




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