CHEROPHOBIA by Nicholas Low

Nicholas Low‘s CHEROPHOBIA photographs are infused with so much happiness, scrolling through them makes me want to pop some weekend supplements and jump around like an unleashed puppy.

However, looking again at the title of the series made me realize that these images are not about happiness, but fear thereof. Does that make sense? We check in with Nicholas to hear exactly why he is so afraid of being happy …

“The concept for CHEROPHOBIA or the fear of happiness came from a dark place. As I started questioning happiness – not in the sense of what makes me happy but what happiness is to me – I realised I might have a little fear of being happy. And truth be told, I am not alone. This fear stems from protecting ourselves against the cruelty of happiness. As we grow up, we learn the hard truth that happiness is temporal. Instinctually we welcome these euphoria and positivity, but slowly we grow weary. A part of us would cruelly remind us of a thousand things that could go wrong when life is smooth sailing or when we are truly happy. We start resisting happiness, defending ourselves against it, we become afraid to be happy because we know better than to eventually be thrown from the highs to lows of life.”

Happy now?



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