Spotted! Edison Teo

“I’m fascinated by mythology, folklore and stuff related to legends.”

The signature style developed by Edison Teo, also known as GalactikCaptain, in his illustrations and art work is bold and defined, using line weights to refine details in his characters. His tools of the trade are mainly black pens and ink. “I prefer the good old traditional art compared to digital illustrations – papers, walls and vinyl toys are among the mediums that my art lands on.”

A graduate of LASALLE’s Communication Design programme, Edison was at first conflicted in his path to express his art. “I was tossed between selecting a course in Fine Arts, Communication Design and even Animation. Now I’m a designer by day, illustrating crusader at night – something of a dual identity with a balance that challenges me.”

Edison isn’t one to sit still and get comfy. His strive to improve his design skills behind the desk further pushes his illustration boundaries by seeking ways to refine his already signature style and exploring new ones. His recent showcase at Noise Singapore 2013 is demonstrative of that and has opened even more doors to take his art to the next level.




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