Spotted! Lee Xin Li

“From the tiring days in National Service to the arduous days in architecture studio, drawing has been a form of getaway from all the troubles, it is the time I have fun and it is that simple. Have fun, let go and take a wild ride.”

With a nod to Tintin creator Hergé, these surprisingly beautiful illustrations are a big slice of aesthetic pleasure for a nostalgic Belgian like myself. This prompted me to find out a little more about creator Xin Li, an Architecture student at the National University of Singapore, School of Design and Environment.

“The illustrations are an homage to one of my favorite comic artists, Georges Prosper Remi aka Hergé. It started after I read an illustrated journal of Jerusalem by Guy Delisle, a Canadian animator and cartoonist. The first piece I drew was “Seletar” which got so much positive response from my friends that I decided to draw another location, Pulau Tekong, an island located northeast of Singapore where I spent a great deal of my National Service days.

Slowly, I found myself developing a style from Tintin drawings and mixing it with things I find meaningful in Singapore. It is a bonus when my drawings resonate with my viewers such as the comics from the Tekong Journal, the pieces featuring iconic Singaporean landmarks such as the former National Theatre, Neo Tiew (a previously inhabited residential until it was vacated 2002) which brought back fond childhood memories who for those who once lived there. More recently, the very good response to my Kueh series caught me by surprise.

Where will this take me? I am not sure. However, I realized I am drawing again after a lengthy pause since my ORD from National Service and enrolling in architecture school and I am having fun again.”




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