Project Plug: Foreign by Hadi Muhsin

“Singapore has the strategic plan of racial harmony. However, moving in this fast economy-growing environment has affected the Singaporeans. Globalisation in Singapore has attracted foreigners to settle here and work here. Through the recent years, the locals have negative reactions towards the foreigners here. Even though some might not realize, the amount of xenophobia here is rising. Singapore might be a globalized country, but there will be some negativity behind it. Xenophobia is a current and big issue in Singapore. I am portraying this problem through my artwork, from a Xenophobe’s metaphorical perspective.” –  Hadi Muhsin on his Foreign project.

Hadi Muhsin is a final year diploma in Visual Communication and Media Design at Singapore Polytechnic. His project was part of the “The Singapore Blend” exhibition organized by Singapore Polytechnic.



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