Spotted! Shirin Rafie

Today we step into the world of Shirin Rafie, a recent graduate from the Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media.

Shirin spends her days working as a freelance artist. At night, she’s a climbing girl in the land of the living dead, collating her adventures in a rather fantastic comic book, The Unethical Tale of Tom Dacre and the Asphyxiated Zombie Apocalypse.

“The comic is about a young chimney sweeper by the name of Tom Dacre, who seeks to find the source of a mysterious black smog that transformed the people of London into brain-guzzling zombies. The comic relies on very little narration, lots of zombie bashing and a showdown with the Queen of England herself. This comic was basically inspired off from the love of the zombie genre, where there gore, blood and last but not least brains should be part and parcel of the storyline, and I wanted to reflect that at the very least in the book.”

Perhaps not one to read before you hit the sack.



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