Project Plug: Art from Junk


“art from junk was started partly because I was searching for more fulfillment in my work life, and for me, that automatically translated into actually creating something.”

We can’t help but admire the way Jing Yi upcycles reclaimed and vintage furniture in exciting and nostalgia-inducing gems. “I love drawing, painting and all things vintage. As such it was a natural transition to start painting vintage and secondhand furniture pieces. Vintage furniture is extremely solid and has plenty of life, so painting the pieces meets the requirements of both functionality and form. I started art from junk  in July. Each piece of furniture has been hand-painted with a unique design created specifically for the piece, and is one-of-a-kind. I draw inspiration from retro patterns, old-school motifs and other vintage designs which have their origin in the vibrant traditions of Singapore and South-east Asia.”

art from junk’s eye-popping pieces are conveniently on display at Nu Artists Gallery. Check it out!



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