Spotted! Fredrik Yeo

“Multilateral” is a graphical piece of reminder to us as men, to respect a world that holds life other than ourselves. A reminder to us that we are neither omnipotent nor omniscient, but part of an ecosystem that lives and breathes interdependent.” – Fredrik Yeo.

“I created this body of work for NOISE TAP under the guidance of Kelley Cheng,” Fredrik explains. “The construction of this piece is positioned in a way where the final message reveals itself only when read in a specific order. The six posters, when seen individually would make absolutely no sense. They are but part of a paragraph that does not exist when seen as single units. However when the posters are placed together one after the other, the message is unveiled. The posters are done in various graphical styles to create the illusion of 6 different identities uniting to deliver a single voice. Much like how people complete each other’s sentences of another.”

Graphic Designer/Illustrator Fredrik Yeo is a year two Design Communications (BA) at LASALLE, College of the Arts. “I started out with a diploma in Art Management after my secondary school days. As though I’ve always seen myself in design, I knew that I needed more than a mean set of aesthetics. Plus I knew I was too young to make a solid decision. What I really needed was time to explore my options. With that being said, I ventured to take on the weirdest jobs I could find; these included organising the youth olympic games and being a consultant for menswear fashion. I liked how diverse it was, it gave me the character I needed. This experiences turned out to be the foundation I set for myself, for a career in design. I love design for every design tells a different story. Looking at a piece is much like speaking to its creator, and getting to know reasons why certain decisions are made on contrary to others. I am a strong ambassador for intricate line art, and I love coming out with interesting ways to problem solve. The weirder the brief, the more excited I get.”



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