Banner Shuffle: Allysa Sing

“I was always curious about what made a person beautiful and what wasn’t beautiful and desired. I was also curious about how the definition of beauty changed through time and this definition changed with society. I was taking portraits of my friends and I decided to manipulate their faces to see if I could create a different type of beautiful, and add a little strangeness to it. I decided to elongate their necks, enlarge their foreheads and eyes and exaggerated it slightly. They still looked beautiful to me, though they were unrecognizable. The final prints are hand-painted, tea-toned cyanotypes as I didn’t want the final prints to be too realistic and I wanted the final prints to look like they came from a different time-period, maybe from the past. And maybe this beauty from the past could still be considered beautiful even today.” – Allysa Sing.



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