Spotted! Juria Toramae

We stumbled across this young photographer’s work at 8Q. At that time we didn’t know diddly squat about who Juria Toramae was or where she was from. What we do know is she’s a crafty photographer mentored by Ernest Goh as part of the Noise TAP program.

For her Temporality project, Juria turned her talents on exploring the role of collective memory in the construction of a sense of identity and belonging. “Growing up in many countries has led me to think more about the significance of one’s identity in relation to where one belongs. Across Singapore, people are documenting and collecting snapshots of life and society that is perpetually shifting. Using the sea as a social constant, I wove photographic relics with new visual memories to build recurring narratives – family, play, commerce – to make the past less foreign.”

Juria grew up in Morocco and lived in Egypt, Malaysia and Thailand before moving to Singapore 3.5 half years ago.



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