Spotted! Calvin Ng

“Sardinapore, is a dystopian state set in the Year 2040, where the citizens are humans of a different breed – they have evolved to become humans with a sardine head – mindless and having total reliance on technology. The country’s statutory board for censorship and surveillance – DIAM (Democratic Institute of Authorization & Mass Censorship) is releasing their latest propaganda paper telling the citizens of their latest censorship, licensing and surveillance plans, including a 5-step self-censorship kit, island wide deployment of surveillance drones and to apply for a license every time you perform an act in public. The list goes on …” 

Calvin NG made the authoritarian acts by countries today into the subject of his NOISE TAP project, Welcome to Sardinapore. “Implementing strict censorship measures, manipulating the media and controlling the masses (surveillance, police-state) …  countries are blatantly performing these acts – to the point of putting up wildly illogical (or even funny) excuses to back up their reason for doing so. The absurdity in my project brings across that point.”

Calvin Ng is studying at the NTU School of Art, Design & Media, making his way through a Visual Communications degree. “I had a love for Graphic Design since young – unknowingly – while mingling around with the then Macromedia Fireworks MX for posters and tried to emulate everything pretty – including Channel U’s logo (the orb and the slanted U) and a lot of other motion graphics on TV. I found myself deeply interested in the design aspect of things while studying for a Diploma in IT. I am influenced by Japanese and Taiwanese Graphic Design, loving the works of Aaron Nieh especially.”



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