Spotted! Aderyl Tan

Aderyl Tan graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) with a diploma  in Illustration Design, and is about to start a BA in Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Arts, Singapore.

Before getting her NAFA degree in the bag, Aderyl obtained a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism, but quickly decided that this type of job was not especially to her taste. Going to art school on the other hand came about quite naturally for Aderyl, and she followed the theory that by doing things that she enjoys, she would end up in a career that she enjoys.

“Although I have learnt a lot during the time I spent in TP, I was unsatisfied and unhappy with the academic path that I had chosen. I started taking up part-time art courses after school and that was when I felt the happiest.It was then that it dawned upon me how important it was to pursue something that I felt passionate about. I have learnt to believe that everything happens for a reason. Thus, despite taking a longer path than my peers, I have come out of this stronger and with more strive and determination to succeed.”

In terms of subject matter, Aderyl favours people and nature. “They are usually my favourite things to draw and the most fascinating. My works tend to be pretty detailed and realistic, but I try to make it more interesting by adding colour and patterns and incorporating different forms of mediums. The main medium I use for my works are usually technical drawing pens. They allow me to do the fine detail work, and explore the range of shading, pattern and line works. I also like to use colour pencils, colour pens and markers collectively to create different textures and effects. I am learning to embrace the use of colours in my works, as by default, I like to just use black. However, I feel that colours bring such life into an illustration and makes it all the more complete.”



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