Spotted! KOLARGE

“I feel we should learn to try to be more open and see the beauty in the ugly and the unusual. Just maybe we’ll learn to step back and appreciate life a wee bit more.”

Amsyar Ashaary aka KOLARGE is a modern-surrealist collage artist who likes to juxtapose fragments of unusual finds against one another, creating delightful work that catches the eye and captures the imagination.

“I am influenced by visuals from the 1970s era or earlier, simply because these images give off a unique, old-school vibe as opposed to contemporary images. I like creating that mysterious aura to my art pieces; bringing viewers to enter an almost-psychedelic dimension. It’s an interesting process (not to mention, challenging!) where you will have to transform this visual imageries in your head and materialize them in the form of feasible art, though at times you might be limited to the rigidity of the images you have – but that’s when it gets more interesting! This fabrication of dimensions is also a way to run away from the hustle and bustle of life.”



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