Book Spot & Giveaway! CAVE

CAVE is a self-published book co-edited and written by Elena Cheong, Nadirah Abdul Razak, Melvin Tan and Jiahui Tan. They sat down with fourteen local creatives at the top of their game, and sought out their ideas, epiphanies and opinions …

“We enlisted fourteen voices that reflect the current times from different creative fields through the context of their craft. We relate everyday issues ranging from money and politics to notions of the media and the city, helping anybody who reads this come to terms with these things through perspective. Through the interviews, this publication acts as a reiteration of a reflexive Singapore Creative Industry. From the people we have spoken with, we found that approaches have shifted away from a didactic, overbearing voice to a more material, spatial sensory experience that either tricks or respects the viewer’s ability to discover. Preconceived notions of Singapore art and heritage are ignored by these young creatives and we observe that by consensus, nostalgia is becoming passé. There is an interest beyond our direct history but rather, we see our unique city scape adopt a sensibility that is intriguingly indulgent and diverse.Focusing on their approach, we uncover insights surrounding their creative endeavor describing an energetic, daring and trailblazing creative industry in Singapore.”

CAVE is available for online purchase and will be stocked in bookstores soon. We are giving away a copy of CAVE to one of our Singapore-based readers. Email before 30 June. We have a winner! Giveaway is closed!

Happy reading!



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