WYWF EP by Perk Pietrek

(from the press release)

Perk Pietrek is a Singapore born DJ & Music Producer, former six times DJ Battle Champion, the Singapore DMC Vice-Champion 2010 and he is also actively part of BubbleHeads, a tropical bass duo from Singapore and Canada.

Introducing tropical bass to Singapore, Perk Pietrek have done it just right, combining fillers and killers into one EP that deserves to be well balanced. Carrying big influences from his BubbleHeads vibes yet not giving up his signature style of having strong rhythms and unique melodies, this EP is the example of a mix between how Tropical Bass can be implanted into an crowd favorite record yet still sound unique and different.

The EP consists of four tracks – Waiting, Younkers, Workflow and Fool’s Anthem – and is released on the Internet Based Record Label, Fresh Bloc Records as it’s 1st release which is now available for free download!



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