Spotted! Ryn Tang

Ryn Tang is a jewelry artist who designs and hand makes unique jewelry using traditional jewelry making tools and techniques. Formally schooled in design at Temasek Polytechnic and business at San Francisco State University, Ryn is mostly self-taught when it comes to jewelry design, driven by her passion for the ancient craft and a persistent inner voice.”As a result, my work defers from conventional commercial and emerges in organic forms and hand-forged textures and finishes, taking inspiration from nature and culture. Each piece is born from a little idea, story or wish to inspire and help the wearer reconnect to simple joys and live well.”

Her latest collection promises plenty of space which she creates using a strip piece of metal. “The results are sculptural pieces that do not follow the body contours – but create space between the jewellery and the body. Because of unconventional form, each piece can be worn in different ways, inviting the wearer to play with it to create different looks, while exuding a distinct nonchalant vibe.”

Available at Threadbare & Squirrel, Supermama and online at My Vintage JewelBox.



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