Spotted! Suzanna Teo

The Subversive Alphabet is a project by Suzanna Teo,  and explores the illustrative and expressive use of letterforms. “El’phabetics is an exploration of the augmentation of viewer’s experiences with alphabets, freeing their prede ned idea of what language, words and alphabets should be. Just as how the idea of ‘shorthand’ and the ‘phonological’ system of the English language translates auditory experiences to visual language, El’phabetics expresses a new translation of language of the 26 latin alphabet forms – each letter, no longer speaking our language, but a language of their own.”

Suzanna, an undergraduate from the Glasgow School of Art (Singapore), is torn between branding, packaging and graphic design. “There are in fact so many aspects of design that excite me. My recent interest in haptic / tactile design has expanded the horizons of my design thinking process. As a rule of thumb when it comes to designing, making an effort to inject tactility and engaging the different senses to stimulate a whole new experience challenges me to explore and experiment further, to ask bigger questions, to solve bigger problems. That is very much, the things that keep me motivated in this field of unlimited possibilities.”



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