Spotted! Peter Ed’Vargas & Kvlture

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Two years ago, 21-year-old autodidact photographer and designer Peter Ed’Vargas started Kvlture as a side project from his film production studies at NAFA. The label offers up tees with occult and neo pagan swag, and is certain to make its devilish mark in the streetwear scene.

“This whole designing and photography thing has been a learning-by-doing process for me. I tried reading books and tutorials about the technical aspects of photography, but they bore me, so I decided to spend my time studying the works of artists I really love; Kenneth Anger, Herbert List, Dante Alighieri and Aestier Crowley. I have been obsessed with occult theories and all sorts of paganism. So I guess it’s only logical that there’s a lot of symbol plays on Kvlture. The symbols help me to convey my perception and message to the masses. I love the idea of secret symbols and how they should be infused in modern streetwear. Kvlture was built off sins, minimalism, closure, idealism and has risen from the cave to stamp itself in today’s market as a cultural blasphemy.”



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