(From the Press Release)

This sixth offering from the Syndicate imprint, BRIGHT//SHINE, marks the long-awaited release by Singaporean producer, Max Lane. The four-track EP compiles the ever-experimenting beatmakerʼs adventure into the sonic realm of head-nodding rhythms. From start to end, Max Lane manages to present his own blend of clunky yet intricate beats with pulsating basslines and modulating synth melodies.

Picking up from where he left off from his self-released The Mim Project EP (2009), Max Lane extends his homage to the late Javanese literary great, Pramoedya Ananta Toer. An audio reading excerpt from Pramoedyaʼs This Earth of Mankind is featured in the opening track, ʻDonʼt Ask My Name”. This nod to the realm of Southeast Asian literature can be found again in the ʻVoodoo Martyrʼ where you will find the processed & chopped-up voice of Singaporeʼs left-field icon, XʼHo, reading out Alfian Saatʼs “Singapore Youʼre Not My Country”.

All tracks can be streamed fully and purchased under this link. Enjoy!



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