Another Shoepark by Donson Watson

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Another shoepark is a project by Donson Watson based on ‘Another Singapore‘, and inspired by the protests against the government’s White Paper on Population at Speakers’ Corner earlier this year.

Another Singapore to me is another perspective or another dimension that we may have neglected. When I first read ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, I was wondering if we could be the giant in ants’ eyes? Could they be living like us? Similarly, Another Singapore doesn’t have to document the lives of Singaporeans. It struck me when I was looking at the cubicles in Hong Kong; this could become the size of our future HDB. They could become so small that dining, sleeping and entertainment all happens in the same room. Then would we have space for our shoes? Will the government makes us park our shoes the way we park our cars? With my project I hope to turn people’s attention away from serious topics like the White Paper and have a good laugh through my work.”

“Below is a short abstract that I have written on Another Shoepark:

Houses are getting higher and higher
Built closer and closer
Made smaller and smaller
This is Singapore

HDB is the primary housing
We call them shoebox flats
How are the shoes coping?
This is another Singapore

COE is instituted to control vehicle ownership
ERP is adopted to reduce traffic
BTO is implemented to curb unsold flats
This is our government

Shoes park everywhere
Queue for parking lots like cars
Fined for illegal parking like us
This is perspective of shoes

Donson Watson is currently doing a BA(Hons) in Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Arts (SIT). Click here to view the rest of his Shoepark Project.



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