Exhib! The Unusual Suspects

Satorial Daily x Sokkuan Tye


Lilreddotfolks x Amanda Keisha Ang

StreetPeek x Fadedcrimson

Have you heard about The Unusual Suspects exhibition at Mad Nest? Well, let me tell you …. it’s bloody marvelous.

Watch how street style photographers have their work illustra’shopped (That’s not even a word … I just made that up) by an artist of their choice.

I know what you’re thinking: it looks and sounds amazing, I’ll definitely check it out. Course you will!

(From the Press Release)

The Unusual Suspects is a first-of-its-kind exhibition that melds the worlds of street style photography, fashion and art. Here, local street style photography mavens pair up with notable illustrators of their choice to produce distinct mixed media works. A true collaborative effort, subjects are carefully selected and captured, while illustrative elements are then layered atop,
conjuring imaginative and colourful worlds that elevate personal expression.

From Lilreddotfolks’ colourful, eclectic portrayals to SHENTONISTA’s whimsical takes of our corporate landscape, street style is reinterpreted- where people, the environment, fashion and art coalesce!

Good to know! Customized portraiture drawings can be made upon request, where subjects will be shot, given style advice and pieces will be conceptualised by both SHENTONISTA and MessyMsxi. For more details on this, you can email greetings@theuniform.com.sg.

The Unusual Suspects is on show until 30 May at Mad Nest, and diners and patrons of the restaurant can try their hand at personalizing the outfits of the female and male poster mascots.



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