Documentary: Growing Up with Less

Growing Up With Less should be compulsory viewing for all Singaporeans.  This online interactive documentary about the plight of children in low-income families in Singapore is a final year project by four students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University – Benny Lim Quah Chian, Trinh Hoang Ly, Neo Jia Ying Candice and Xu Yuandun.

They just launched their website and what we saw made us sit up and take notice.


Growing Up with Less explores the hidden side of cosmopolitan Singapore where usually squeaky clean government-built apartment complexes are littered with trash and syringes and your neighbor next door could be a drug addict.

The documentary focuses on the plight of children from lower-income families where parents struggle to make ends meet leaving their children unsupervised, often hungry for food and affection and extremely vulnerable to bad influences.

Through the observing eyes of the cameras, the many facets of their lives and the accompanying dramas that rolled over from the adults’ lives are exposed, showing just how vulnerable the children are and how much they need a guiding hand to bring them out of the poverty cycle.

Click here for more videos. A worthy watch, no doubt.



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