The CRUX saves the problem

Familiar with the dirty looks coming your way while you are digging for a USB thumbdrive in the bottom of your giant satchel of clutter?

NUS Industrial Design majors – Eason,Yee Jek and Elyn – say the solution is simple: the CRUX USB organizer, a personal USB library that brings greater ease and convenience to the storage, usage and management of multiple USB thumbdrives.

“After plugging in your USB thumbdrives into CRUX, access to all your storage content is reduced to a simple step of sliding the attached USB cable into your computer. A simple button buckle makes it easy for you to secure and retrieve your thumbdrive when any adjustment is required. A leather strap is used to hold the USB cable, enabling easy access by allowing your thumb to slide it out quickly from the side of CRUX.”

CRUX comes in three colors of Mocha Brown, Midnight Blue and Scarlet Red. It’s exterior surface is lined with suede, and the interior is made of neoprene that’s super durable.

For more information, visit the CRUX  indiegogo website.



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