Finders, Keypers

Here at Culturepush we started our spring cleaning by sorting out our keys. We love to organize (nah, really?) so we were thinking about ditching our not so stylish bulky keypouch for a more functional design, the Keyper.

Produced by 3 Industrial Design majors from the NUS School of Design and Environment – Goh Hong, Sylvia and Vick – the Keyper charmed us with its slim aesthetic supported by impeccable hand-craftsmanship. Holding up to four keys, the Keyper is made from genuine vegetable tanned and dyed calf leather, and is designed to snuggly fit most key types.

“We noticed a common problem that was clear in the daily lives, and hence sought to improve it. Current solutions to store keys were either bulky, noisy, or offered no protection for our belongings. We felt that a slim, all around protection was the best solution, and thus designed Keyper after much research and prototyping. We believe that Keyper is a useful and aesthetic solution to store, organize and protect your keys.”

To fund the manufacturing process, Keyper launched an indiegogo campaign, where you can pre-order the key organizer for USD$30.



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