Spotted! Priscilla Li

Priscilla Li is one of those people who cannot resist doodling – there is just something totally therapeutic about the whole drawing business, which is exactly why she started her own doodle project.

“I somehow never managed to study art or take design-related courses besides the mandatory art classes in secondary school. That didn’t stop the urge to doodle my way through life though! I started the OHGOLLI project to counter the self-doubt and laziness that punctuates most of what I do – a way to instill some discipline in myself. The drawings are based on all kinds of things: conversations I have, funny observations, questions in my head, or just random things I feel like drawing. It’s great because it’s proving to be a great way to calm myself down at the end of each trapped-in-an-office-cubicle day. Better than yoga, I say!”

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