Debbie Ding shows at “Engaging Perspectives”

Don’t just stare at these images – we urge you to get to the Engaging Perspectives show at the Gillman Baracks. Nine local artists born in the 1980s and working in Singapore came together to present works that engage with multifaceted perspectives about Singapore. Trust me, you’re in for a bit of a treat.

We were mighty impressed with The Singapore Psychogeographical Society (facilitated by Visual Artist Debbie Ding), her selection of Ethnographic Fragments from Central Singapore, and an archive of over 600 surveyor markers and civil engineering symbols (2009-2013) from urban cities including Singapore, Paris and London.

Debbie: “Since 2010, the Singapore Psychogeographical Society has been devoted to promoting a better understanding of the world through ludic adventures, independent research, digital documentation, and data/archival activism. In his Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography (1955), Guy Debord defined psychogeography as the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organised or not, on the emotions and behaviour of individuals. Psychogeoforensics is an extension of that concept – to combine a heightened awareness and appreciation for the various “ambiances” in an urban city – with the domain of forensics. Because of the peculiar fragmented nature of history and culture in Singapore, we could also view Singapore as the scene of the mystery, or even as the missing artifact, or a curiously blank signifier. Through psychogeoforensics, the Singapore Psychogeographical Society encourages people to construct/reconstruct their own narratives around the various physical traces, histories, and archives that may be overlooked or neglected in a fast-developing urban cities such as Singapore.”

Pssst … One of Debbie’s works made it to the finals in the Sovereign Asian Art Prize and you can vote for her work here. On the same page you will also spot a stunning photograph by another super-talent, Robert Zhao (Zhao Renhui). Show them some love!

Engaging Perspectives: New Art from Singapore. Now till 31 March at Gillman Barracks – Blocks 1, 37, 38, and 39.



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