Exhibition: Gezeitentümpel by Philipp Aldrup

Singapore-based German photographer Philipp Aldrup, who is a “foreigner at home” and has previously shot arresting photo features on Golden Mile Complex and Pulau Ubin, will be holding a solo exhibition titled Gezeitentümpel (tidal pools) at Objectifs Gallery from 1 Feb to 28 Feb. The Observatory is recording a soundtrack specially for the show and will perform it live on 16 February, 5pm.

The opening reception will be on 31 Jan from 7-9pm. Do RSVP to info@objectifs.com.sg if you are keen to attend.

Artist statement:

“It is advisable to look from the tide pool to the stars and then back to the tide pool again” – John Steinbeck

Tidal pools are spaces caught between the extremely different forces of land and sea; they know the silent glare of sunlight and the surging power of ocean tides. The forces around them change constantly, yet they remain the same.

I found tidal pools beneath Singapore’s highways, in the wayside scrub, on cemeteries and in abandoned buildings. I saw physical metaphors, spaces caught between the logical forces of the rational and the unpredictable forces of the absurd.

They hold yesteryear’s dreams, today’s chimaera, tomorrow’s fleeting love, next century’s great disasters; all these fragments slowly drifting towards the bottom of the ocean of time…disquietingly silent.

Gezeitentümpel is a collection of visual poems and questions about the brevity of life and the vastness of time. They are archeological meditations, presenting hidden parts of Singapore that symbolize the infinite glory– and futility– of existence.

Maybe one has to descend to the tidal pools’ ground in order to discover – whether you see stars or you see dirt, it is OK.



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