Giving in to the suppressed urge for retail therapy, I dropped by the Handmade Movement Craft Fair last Saturday, where BANWAGON gave me a look at their first delivery of leather accessories.  With a focus on simply designed, high-quality leather pieces, the collection features a selection of wallets, penholders, cardsleeves and a few other items.

BANWAGON is founded by Lengfei Tok and Gareth Dean Lee, two graphic designers specialized in branding and visual Marketing. Lengfei has been designing bags and accessories for four years, Gareth simply loves to sew stuff.

Lengfei: “The concept of BANWAGON is to advocate the importance of consumers’ understanding of a brand. We envisage a future where most consumers will not only have their focus on the products but understand the brands’ philosophy and stories as well. I am the brand director, taking care of the branding and crafting the goods, Gareth designs the collections together with me.”



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