A Tough Day At The Beach with Sharon and Darrell

Tough Day At the Beach are Darrell a.k.a Quite Quiet and Sharon a.k.a Percy Plodand, and together they seem to be going for sun-soaked tunes, writing songs with intentionally meaningless lyrics and cool phrases.

You guys met online. How did that go?

Darrell: We met through MySpace and Facebook. We each had our own act, but pretty soon we just decided to make music together. I play the guitar, Sharon plays the keys and we co-write the songs. We record everything in my bedroom studio.

What’s with the band name?

Darrell: Tough Day At The Beach is just something me and my friends used to say back in secondary school when we were having a tough day.

Tough Day At the beach is about ….

Darrell: … showing people that making music is all about having fun and inspiration can come from everywhere and anywhere. We just want to write random stuff, nothing thought-provoking or deep. We feel that some of the more popular songs have no meaning. What they do have is a nice sentences and cool phrases. Sharon: Actually we don’t really believe in inspiration and deep meanings. We are shallow people who just want to make fun of things and make funny songs and do funny things.

What have you been up to so far?

Sharon: We have performed once to a live audience at the Esplanade as part of the Noise Music Mentorship Program with Bani Haykal as our mentor, and we made an appearance on Okto’s AMP program, a series about Singapore’ s young and upcoming artists, musicians and performers. Darrell: We also produced a five-track EP and we did a music video for our single “Gameboy Comma Boy” at almost zero cost.




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