Colourless Fields by Alexius Cai

“An onerous exploration of the mind. Languid and religious. Guitars traverse the ambient atmospherics that uncover the veneers of human fortitude.”

Piblokto, a solo project by Alexius Cai, recorded mostly at home over a span of two years. The outcome is Colourless Fields, an album that reflects on the tenacity of human fortitude and the search for tranquility amidst the desolation and vastness of the Siberian tundra.

Alexius: “The album traces a physical epic journey from the Siberian wastelands towards the Indian plateau of placid abandonment. Inspired by the music of James Blackshaw, Cian Nugent, Neil Young and Barn Owl, the album distillates the essence of Arctic hysteria which is Piblokto. Each of the seven tracks unravels with a guitar composition which is subsequently laced with a myriad of improvisations through ambient sounds, drones, guitars and violins.”

With the imagination and mastery of Evan Tan, Leslie Low, Andrew Lim and Joan Chew, this record will suck you into a world of irrational behaviour. Listen over and over for lasting effect.

Get your digital download here, here, here and here. Physical copies are available from Ujikaji.



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