OH! 2013 The Happiness Index

(from the press release)

OH!, Singapore’s only art walkabout, makes a foray into the high powered boardrooms and offices of Marina Bay. Alan Oei, co-founder and curator, explains the shift away from housebased exhibitions: “I thought Marina Bay was all office, glass, steel and mirrors. But there is a secret and fascinating life beneath all that. In many ways, one can look at it as manifesting a kind of zeitgeist. It’s a really interesting moment in Singapore now, and the arts should be part of that conversation.”

Themed ‘The Happiness Index,’ OH! Marina Bay will feature 13 artists spread out through six very different or exclusive locations. Visitors on tour get to see the insides of key representatives of the financial industry that drives Singapore’s economy. In contrast, visitors will also see a labyrinth of a lawyer’s office, seemingly from the 80s, when Shenton Way still ruled supreme. Through a more diverse selection than previous editions – graphic design, performance, installation – the artists will present an alternative portrait of Marina Bay, one that may turn out quirkily different from the official narrative of our place in the global economy.

Artistic Highlights

OH! has newly commissioned almost all the works to be specific to the site and neighbourhood. :phunk – bomb over 2m tall in the central foyer of Deutsche Bank,  Evil Empire – hall of mirrors inspired by Kafka’s Der Process, spell#7 – tea ladies invoke the folk song of Bengawan Solo, in view of the Bay, Shubigi Rao – series of table sculptures inspired by the ethos and architecture of corporate boardrooms.

Artist line-up: 

:phunk / art and design collective • Eeshaun / illustrator • Evil Empire / curatorial programme • Frayn Yong / sculptor • Green Zeng / visual artist • Joy Abigail Ho / visual artist • Nguan Tan / photographer • Samantha Tio / visual artist • Sherman Ong / filmmaker • Shubigi Rao / visual artist • spell#7 / intimate theatre • studioKALEIDO / design • Tan Peiling / sound artist.

5, 6, 12 13, 19, 20 January 2013 at Marina Bay Financial Tower 3, Level 3 outside DBS Asia Central MBFC Branch. Tickets at the door $20. Early bird tickets only for 6 January, $15.



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