Little Prayers for Little Folks

Creative mom and dad team, Joji Jacob and Asha Shivaram knocked out a teriffically cool project, taking documenting your kid’s life to a whole new level. Little Prayers for Little Folks is a set of poems written by Joji, illustrated by Asha, and inspired by their five-year old daughter, Riya.

Mom is a freelance Art Director and Designer, dad is Group Executive Creative Director with ad agency DDB Singapore. “Since our daughter Riya was born, we’ve tried to catalogue and curate every little thing she does. We’ve tried photographing her, journaling on her behalf, but nothing felt as satisfying as this project. Riya is now five and, like any other kid her age, she’s a walking talking lisping laughing little miniature miracle. She has a mind of her own and an opinion about everything – food, fashion, TV channels, art, books. And Little Prayers for Little Folks allows us to put ourselves in her shoes and see the world a bit from her point of view. I think it’s made us more observant, better listeners and hopefully, better parents. And most importantly, Riya seems to love them. We do one or two poems each week and post them on the Facebook page and other parents seem to identify with most of them. We’re working towards a book.”

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