Spotted! Michael Timothy

Born in 1989, Michael Timothy completed his BA(Hons) in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of The Arts in 2011. Besides painting, he also participates in group exhibitions and various art workshops. His recent exhibition “Looking for Space” is part of an independent art-incubation programme by seven emerging young artists and supported by NAC.

“Recently I became very interested in approaching the activity of painting organically – I think I used to approach it very mechanically as I considered abstraction in painting as an inherently heavily ideological act. Right now when I’m working I start out with an idea of space – sometimes absolute, gridded, or representative – and pursue whatever presents itself at the moment. This process informs a continuous search that I try to bring in my working ethos. Vital to my exploration are a sense of immediacy, the elemental and expressive quality of colours, the idea of tension and harmony, the play of basic visual elements, patterns and lights. Working on a small scale allows me to translate various esthetic directions. Jumping continuously from one piece to the other, my current body of work reflects a kind of short-attention-span and disparateness, which I consciously embrace.In terms of influence, I’ve been looking a lot at art produced in Asia from the 17th century. Their craftsmanship, ornamental forte, pictorial stillness, and calm leave a deep impression on me.”




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