Stocking Stuffer! Farking Coupons

Wait a minute … did I just type Farking Coupons? What’s that? Really?

Be perplexed, then laugh until you snort at the latest offering from best buds Melvin Tan, Eddy Teo and Jordi Ong aka … a meme delivering a satirical social comment about boosting Singapore’s falling birthrate.

Melvin, bring it on please …

“Well, we photo manipulated a parking coupon, and the word play between the ‘parking’ and ‘farking’ is used as a literary technique and a form of wit primarily for the purpose of amusement. In this meme, the government exercises total dictatorial control by enforcing copulation under supervision, according to a stipulated love-making technique for each day of the month. Couples who participate in this community project between fictitious authorities such as Urban Rendezvous Authority, National Copulation Council and Singapore Coitus Enforcement are promptly rewarded with grants/tax rebates.”

Glad we got that sorted.



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