Spotted! Clement Sim

Today we show you some of the most vibrant, multicoloured art your eyeballs can handle, courtesy of aspiring contemporary artist, Clement Sim. His work is a heady mix of Indigenous Australian and Maori Art, and has some pretty intoxicating visuals going.

“My parents have always encouraged me to express myself through art, enrolling me into various programs right from primary school. In secondary school, I got a valuable chance to work with traditional Chinese watercolour, making it my first contact with professional painting. In 2009, I tried my hand at acrylic water-colour on canvas. My first themes were flora and landscapes. I used online help and experimentation to build a foundation for my technique and gain control of the medium. In October 2011, I was inspired by Cindy Thornton -a children book artist- to use houses to express emotions. Through five simple pieces, I was challenged with the use of symbols, colours and shapes, to represent various feelings clearly, even from a house. Moving on from that experience, I felt that I was ready to create my own style. I found inspiration in the art of the Aboriginals, and after a trip to the South Island of New Zealand at the end of 2011, I was inspired by the Maori artistic style. I decided to combine the native styles from both countries, and created the  “Twisted Fate” collection. My focus is now on Singapore’s multi-cultural society …”



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