Spotted! Ly Yeow

“A searching wanderer and a curious explorer. Her story is the tale of a cat.“

Illustrating her love for a cat-crazy boy, Ly Yeow‘s drawings are some of the sweetest we’ve laid eyes on.

Ly is a jewellery and textile major from The College of Fine Arts (UNSW), Sydney. Her foray into drawing began with an unsettling urge to confess to a boy who loved cats. As the feelings burgeoned, the occasional hobby developed into a passion.

Today, Ly traipses through town during her free time, and makes every café her home for the hours that she’s awake. Armed with the mighty pen and paper, and a coffee for inspiration, she delicately translates life’s joyful moments and inspirational quotes into a piece of art. Ly’s artwork is a dreamy mélange of fine illustration, cats, people, and splashes of colour. When she’s not drawing or drinking gourmet coffee, she is teaching art to schoolkids.

Ly plans to return to her roots soon, and is looking to adorn people with nifty jewellery and crafts. Before her esty store goes gold, head over here to check out more of her loveLy artwork.



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